mardi 9 juillet 2013

Lusty Tuesdays: Benefit kits

Benefit is one of those brands that every beauty blogger seems to be aware of. From the eye-catching packaging, to the POREfessional, right down to the prices that might make you wince, it's a brand that gets talked about a lot. Even I, a beauty novice with an, ahem, complex relationship with money, know about them, and there are definitely products there that I'd like to try, namely their beauty pallets.

Confessions of a concealerholic: 37 EUR (currently reduced to 25.90 on the French site), 28.50 GBP
Image via website.
How to Look the Best at Everything: 32 EUR, 25.50 GBP
Image via website.
Is it just me, or are kits and palettes easily the best gateway to a brand? Not only do you get a great variety of products to try out, the quantity is such that, if something doesn't work for you, you can easily shrug it out. The price of a kit is the same for almost each product in full size, and isn't it wonderful to be able to have your entire beauty arsenal in one place? No rooting around, no impromptu what's-in-my-bag sessions for your friends/colleagues/fellow occupants of the bathroom, no messy searching for the right product when you need to be out the door in fifteen minutes... bliss!
And I think Benefit knew that - not only did they assemble their beauty kits with care, they actually threw effort into the packaging. From the outside, they look like books, or an old-fashioned diary, which tickles my bibliophile fancy like nothing else; they can easily fit in a carrier bag, be taken on an airplane, or just look plain gorgeous on the shelf.
Naturally, these two particular pallets aren't perfect - there's no mascara, no eyeliner, no lipstick, which throws my rooting around plus right out the window (the plus comes back, though, because you would still root around for less.) How to Look the Best at Everything also seems to come with a single brush, which is pretty inconvenient (I may have just started to learn more about germs and the importance of not putting make-up with your fingertips.)
That said, these are definitely products I'd like to try out. So... fingers crossed for the next birthday?

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