mardi 16 juillet 2013

Lusty Tuesdays: Repetto perfume

Repetto is a Paris-based company which produces clothes, shoes and other leathery goods (for dancers and for us ordinary Janes). For the longest time, I knew them as "That one store which always has the gorgeous ballet costumes on the front", until one day I wandered into Galeries Lafayette and they were handing out scented papers for this new perfume.

Graceful and sensual, the floral woody musky fragrance opens with a sparkling burst of Pear, for an exquisite note, and Cherry Blossom, like a cloud of powder. The floral heart reveals ultimate grace with an infinite satin Rose and the feminine sensuality of Orange Blossom. The Ballet closes with a powdery amber finale, joining the dance through Ambery Woods and Vanilla.
Description and image via website.
The dancing theme is appropriate, and not just because Repetto is a brand which caters to ballet dancers. The scent, from what I've tried, is really very graceful, if that makes any sense. Fruity and flowery without being extremely in-your-face, and chic. In some ways, it's like The Body Shop's Japanese Cherry blossom eau-de-toilette.
I'm really digging this, and I admit, some of it is due to my former desire to be a ballerina (it hit me when I was... oh, about 17. Lasted for a year, then my teacher moved away.) Granted, I didn't have what it took - I started late, my balance was all over the place, and the less said about my body type, the better - but the best thing about the ballet-for-adults classes was the fact that everybody did it for the fun. There was no pressure, which left me with good memories, even to this day.
The publicity campagin was done by James Bart. Do check out his site, even if you don't speak French. The images he's created, with Dorothée Gilbert, easily speak for themselves.
Sadly, Repetto does not ship in the UK. You can get it from Sephora (and pay the extra on top) or you can pick it up if you ever find yourself in that nook of the world (in between filling up your Bioderma supplies and checking out Yves Rocher, of course.)

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