samedi 8 février 2014

I Quit Sugar: A very late retrospective

Hello you awesome possums!

I should probably start this one off by saying "Sorry!" but that would be rather inadequate to explain. So many times in the last months I thought about this blog, and so many times I wanted to write something down, but I didn't because:

a/ laziness
b/ work
c/ stress
d/ blah!

To be fair to myself (and isn't this what this is all about?) I had one of the busiest, most stressful semesters in my entire life, which was rife with high tensions, emotions and... well, no need to recap all of it. Let's just say that I was feeling demotivated.

That said, I have not stopped collecting beauty products and trying them out, so all fingers crossed, we should be having some nice posts coming up soon.

But of course, I should probably write about my final two weeks of "I Quit Sugar," and more importantly, what happened afterwards.

To make a long story short: I finished it, I sugar-binged, I felt guilty, and then spent a semester writing a very detailed essay on why I "failed" to quit and all the implications. I then missed the essay deadline because I got the date wrong (don't we all do that sometimes?) and I got a rather interesting feedback from the lecturer which I won't get into here.

Honestly, I really don't feel like writing about this here (which is exactly why I should plow on, right?) mostly because I'm quite sick of the topic. My attempt to quit sugar was motivated mostly by a desire to clarify my skin, but on a closer look, it turned out to be an attempt for me to forge a different type of identity for myself. This identity turned out to be rather incompatible with my lifestyle, which is why I couldn't keep up with it.

That said, I won't say the experiment was a complete and total failure. I do eat differently now, and while I still snack and eat things that are "bad for me," I'm more aware of it, and I have definitely decreased my intake.

Other things I have learned:

1/ Pumpkin puree is awesome!
2/ Creamed spinach is awesome!
4/ Coffee can still be good without milk and sugar
5/ Eggs and toast for breakfast = yum!
6/ Avocados are a miracle food
7/ I love yogurt

All in all, definitely an interesting experiment of self-discovery, even if I wasn't able to fully achieve my goal of breaking my emotional eating habit. Well... it's a step at least, I suppose.

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