mardi 25 février 2014

Non-Beauty Favourites: Writing Sets

I don't know about you,  but I love writing letters.

Like many children, I did the obligatory letter-writing at school, I had a pen pal, and I even had a friend who liked to exchange letters until we were well past the age where it was expected of us (or, for that matter, for anyone to use snail mail.) Things tapered off when I got older and more pressing matters popped up (ah, exams, how I do NOT miss you!) but then I went to France.

France, in case you don't know, is a country where copies of documents are not legally accepted, so I had to send physical copies of originals everywhere! And because they only sell envelopes by the bunch, I figured, I might as well write to some people I'm friends with on the Internet as well. Because why not!

And you know what? I think re-igniting my love for letter-writing was the best thing about France (sorry, pains au lait, but it's true. Also, you make my blood sugar sky-rocket without feeding me properly.) There's just something incredibly cathartic about sitting down and penning a letter. My head clears, my thoughts run straighter, and I find myself finding an answer to a question without even posing it. It's amazing, and it doesn't even need a response!

The latter is super-important to me, because in this day and age, where instant gratification and answering is a given, with Facebook and email and WhatsApp, everything is all about response and responsiveness. Heaven forbid someone (be it your friend, your roommate, your coursework group member, or your secret crush) not answer you immediately - everything spirals out into anxiety and worry and fear (or is that just with secret crushes) and you can't focus on anyone else.

Letters are straightforward. Letters are beautiful. The act of writing, and writing for an audience of one, can sometimes be better than the response you'll get. And that's wonderful.

Lately, I've been getting these little sets for £2 from the Works (which is a reduction from a price of £6, I think.) I love them. I love the designs, I love the little cardboard sleeves they come in (so, so handy!), I love the quality of the paper. Granted, because the envelopes are so small, it's a chore to put the pages in, but I find that 4 page letters are easier to slide in than 2 page ones. So all the more incentives for me to write longer. :)

Do you write letters to people? Do you have any special stationary you like to use? I'm pretty covered for now, but who knows - maybe I'll buy more sets to fill my collection.

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  1. I used to love letter writing, I used to have a Dutch pen friend and I also used to write to my mother in law but I don't write to anyone now... Sadness x

    1. You can always start again. I was talking to my roomie about this last night and she was like: Mmm, maybe? So I ended up basically pushing a stack of papers and an envelope in her hands and telling her to get started. I think it worked...