vendredi 21 février 2014

Review: Along Came Betty

The first time I went on looking for this brand, I came across a review that called it one of the "Benefit/Soap and Glory knock-offs," and, having looked around a bit... yeah, I can totally see that. Both Sainsbury's and Morrison's have their own Soap-and-Glory-esque skincare brands, and "Along Came Betty" is the Tesco's equivalent. Being fairly new to skincare/cosmetics, I figured I might try that, since both products are fairly economic and I figured they'd be a good pick.

I was (still am, at times) pretty darn naive.

The Pure Pores 15 Minute Detox Mask is a rather thick, white cream that is supposed to help clarify your skin. Supposed to, because I didn't really feel it. When putting it on, the mask stings and tingles, so you'd think there's a lot of action going down, but quite honestly, I never saw the difference. To top it all off the mask is super-hard to wash off, dry or not - it's just such a consistency that you have to wash your hands for a solid minute to get it off, and the same goes for the face. I guess a muslin cloth would yield better results, although the one I got with the skin cleansing kit didn't do much either.

The PORE Goodness Sake Skin Hot Cloth Cleaning Kit was good in that it left my skin feeling soft and nourished. I'm also pretty sure it got rid of the dirt and excess oil, as promised. My first hot cloth cleanser, it was an interesting experience, although to be honest it's not what I'm looking for when washing my face. What can I say? I like that squeaky clean feeling that comes after giving yourself a good cleanse, and since I usually follow up with all sorts of lotions and potions and moisturizers, there really is no use of it. I've never tried taking off my make-up with this, but... quite honestly, I'm not sure hot cloth cleansers are for me.

Available at Tesco's. 

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