mercredi 12 février 2014

Review: KIKO Waterproof mascara

Okay, confession time - I scheduled this post months ago, and then promptly lost the product I was supposed to be reviewing during my move.

Well... okay, maybe lost is not the right word. "Lost" more like it.

See, lots of items become "lost" during a move, especially from one country to the other. Nothing like an airline company's luggage weight limit to make you think long and hard about what really matters to you. At the same time, I still managed to get a bunch of stuff with me that I didn't need as much, which really tells you all you need to know about this product.

I picked up KIKO's Unforgettable Waterproof Mascara thinking that it was a perfect fit for someone like me, who enjoys quick, unfussy make-up.

Maybe I should have talked to the shop assistant first, though.

Un-fussy is not a word I would describe for this. Clumpy lashes, raccoon lines appearing somewhere halfway through the day, and getting it off was a complete disaster. Silly me, I didn't realize you needed special make-up remover for this, so the first few nights were filled with frustration as I tried to clean my eyes up.

What's especially disappointing about this is that KIKO is usually a brand that I adore. Maybe I got a bad product, maybe it was just that I didn't know how to use it, but all in all, it was a mess.

What is your favorite mascara? I'm still on the lookout for mine.

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