mercredi 26 février 2014

Review: Schwarzkopf's Color Live

I've been dying my hair for a little over 18 months now, but I haven't been doing it that often - so far, I've counted five times, and I've used a mere three brands. Schwarzkopf has definitely paid off well - with amazing coverage and beautiful color pay-off, this dye is definitely one I like.

I got this in the shade 35 - Real Red, and boy, it is not false advertising. The color pay-off was beautiful, and I had several occasions when people would compliment me on it (some of whom I didn't  even know. BOOM!) 

Now, I know that usually ammonia-based dyes are bad for the hair. This one, sadly, has ammonia, but in my experience, it didn't leave my hair feeling damaged or anything. I actually quite liked it. It wasn't until recently that I started using conditioner again, for totally unrelated reasons, but if you're worried, I do recommend Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle Repair.

I got this from Boots, but I'm pretty sure you can buy it in bigger supermarkets as well.

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