mardi 11 mars 2014

Non-Beauty Favourites: Nightwish's Imaginaerum

They say you never forget your first love, and I have to say, it's true. 

Symphonic Metal owns my heart! Still. For ever! All hail Nightwish! (And for those of you wondering if I still remember my first human-to-human-love/crush/I-don't-even-know-what-that-is, I do. The impact he had on my playlist was by far larger than the one he had on my heart, but Skillet is a story for another day.)

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Anyway, Nightwish. I've loved those guys since I was in the 9th grade, which feels like forever now. It's not so much an on-and-off love affair as it is one of those relationships where things taper off, you move away, you don't hear from each other for ages, and then you meet up and it's cannons and confetti all over again. Or is it just me?

The latest time when I rediscovered them was way back in last December, when I was struggling with three essays and a terrible case of procrastination-over-the-holidays. And I don't always like music when I work, but that time, Imaginaerum, their latest studio album, just helped me get into my headspace like nothing else before. 

Those of you familiar with the band know that when their first lead vocalist, Tarja, left the band, there was some speculation whether her replacement Annette would live up to the expectations (now that Annette has left the band, of course, that speculation is kinda pointless, but anyway...) Annette did two albums with the band - this one in 2011, and "Dark Passion Play" in 2007, and while I liked the latter, it's really in "Imaginaerum" that Annette truly shines - the musical arrangements suit her a lot better.

Speaking of musical arrangements, the band really outdid themselves with this one (well, as far as someone with a rudimentary training in music can say, anyways.) The score is tight, the music - beautiful, and there were definitely less places where the melody jarred me out of my groove. Like most good albums, it took a while for me to truly appreciate the score, but now that I've listened to it enough, I'm pretty much in love with almost every track in the album.

(The kind of love where you listen to a single song until you're sick of it, and then you keep listening because it's awesomesauce!)

One final thing to close on - can you believe that cover art?! *squee* Actually, the whole album is themed around circuses and fairs and human life, which I already love (concept albums, they have my heart, or see Withing Temptation's The Unforgiven for more details.) Add to that my huge, dramatic, and totally unapologetic girl crush on Angela Carter, though, and you've got a recipe for an undying love right there.

(Those of you who haven't read "Nights in the Circus", you're missing out!)

The album is available on Amazon and most record stores. If you're wondering, you can test the songs out on Youtube as well - my current favourite is "Last Ride of the Day."

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