dimanche 23 mars 2014

Review: Sanctuary Spa's Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash

*puts on best Justin impression* Holy Grail!

(Apologies to everyone for reminding you of that song. It was necessary.)


All of the yeses to this cleanser here. I can't believe it took me so long to try Sanctuary Spa, but a lucky sale and a wanted break from my obsession with Lush finally did the trick. I was in the market for some gentle skincare, and this fit the bill Per-fect-ly. 

A gel cleanser that works on the first try, this baby has all the things going for it: a non-irritating formula, great results, and delicious rose scent that honestly make me wish it could last longer. (Note to self: Get a rose perfume and scratch that itch once and for all.) 

I'm all about trying new things, which is why I haven't repurchased that, but make no mistake - as soon as I get annoyed with a cleanser, this is what I'll be falling back on. At £9.00 for 140 ml, this is actually in the same price bracket as Lush (when you calculate value per ml, really) and it's definitely giving me good results without the abrasive after-effects. 

Anyone tried Sanctuary Spa before? What is your favourite?

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