mardi 22 avril 2014

First Impressions Haul #1: L'Oreal and Maybelline

I blame Boots. Boots and their damn 3 for 2 sales across all products. 

I certainly don't blame L'Oreal, that's certain. I wouldn't have gotten the Miss Manga mascara without essiebutton telling me they had it in violet. Points for the gimmick, but hate how the advertising campaign plays on stereotypes. I've had enough of that from Divergent. 

Anyway, the other day I thought, since I'd failed to get the MAC lipstick I'd promised myself (I went to the store but got put off. Don't ask,) I figured it was fair to make use of the offer the Boots were running, especially considering that those were all products I'd been wanting in some capacity of another. And then I thought: Why not make it a first impressions haul? (Or almost first impressions.)

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold is probably the longest-standing item on my wishlist. I've swatched this so many times in store, and have been put off either by applicaiton, or by price. I've seen so many bloggers rave about it, and have been scared so many times by the application. So far, though, the new eye shadow I've gotten has been a dream to work with. Hopefully, by the time it dries up, I'd have acquired some brushes and some gel to keep it working.

L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara in Tropical Violet is the product with a more complicated hist'ry for me. I'm a huge anime / manga fan, and I love to try products with unusual colours. I didn't actually realize you could get this in other colours at first, which is a shame because I would have gotten them much sooner. Anyway, I like how it applies, and the violet is actually not that noticeable, at least not to me. It would look really good with my Body Shop liner, though.

Maybelline Coloursens Nude Lipstick in Coffee Craze was not my initial choice. At first I thought Tantalizing Taupe would be more of my thing. But then, last week I got the first Souk Souk green beauty box, and I wrote how I loved the colour of the pencil liner I got in it. This was almost the exact colour, and, again, I love how it looks. It reminds me a little of Cindy Crawford, and how (I think at least) the 90's had a certain thing about dark brown lip colours. (Or it could be just me.) 

So that's it from this, really happy with my purchases so far. 

Have you tried any of these products so far? Which shades? Do you think turquoise mascara would be something you're interested in?

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