mercredi 2 avril 2014


It's important to read the occasional women's magazine, as my Mum says. And I have to agree. Despite people lamenting about the death of the author, the loss of the glosses, and the digital revolution, there is still something innately satisfying about leafing through a magazine with a cup of tea in hand. (Not least because it gives one a break from reading mind-numbing studies on purchasing behaviour.) 

Glamour has been the one I usually turn to, because it's so useful, but also so, so fun to read. Their lifestyle articles and interviews  are always interesting, and the extras that come with the magazine is usually fantastic (Model Co.'s Fibre Lashxtend mascara is pretty much an everyday staple of my beauty routine, but that's another post.)

My two favourites of this issue are the interview with Lea Michele, and the one with Miss Piggy, because... well, they just cover two topics which are important to me: Holding Your Own and Shining With Confidence, which these two are absolute examples of. I like (I really, really like) how the magazine focuses on women's confidence and self-esteem, rather than equate everything to Losing Weight and Catching A Man. (Cosmo, I'm looking at you right now.) 

Available at news stands and supermarkets.

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