dimanche 6 avril 2014

Review: Jacava nails

Okay... no. Just no.

Full disclosure: I got this nail polish in my BrizBlogMeet goodie bag, and I really, really wanted to like it. And, as far as colour payoff and presentation goes, this is lovely.

The problem lies in the longevity of this.

I'm not really fussy about my nails - in fact, I've been known to walk around with HORRIBLY chipped polish, just because I couldn't be arsed to reach up and get the remover. So I don't particularly notice baby chips. 

But this nail polish chips like a mofo. In fact, "chipping" isn't the right word for it. "Peels right off" is more like it. I put it on in the morning, and by the evening, three or four of my nails were pretty much stripped. Granted, there was a training session that day, which involved lapel grabs and punching, but it's not the first time I've worn nail polish to a training session and let me tell you, I've yielded better results in my life.

Because this was a gift, I don't feel quite so bad, but this product retails for £14.50! Seriously! You can get two Essie nail polishes for that price off Amazon! You can get 3 or 4 Barry M polishes for that price! OPI is cheaper! Nails Inc. is cheaper! Even if you buy Bobbi Brown nail polishes, you'd still save a few quid.

Am I missing something here? Was it just a dud product? I don't know, but one thing's for sure, I can't wear that because it just doesn't last.

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