lundi 28 avril 2014

Review: KIKO nails


You know, I think if I have one beef with KIKO, it's that it's so dang hard to find the exact shade you need *looks at bottle* oh, there it is. 

Never mind...

So the other day I was browsing Amazon and looking at Essie's "Warm and Toasty Turtleneck", thinking it was such a shame it was so expensive. I'd seen Ingrid from missglamorazzi rave about this and it looked like such a beautiful colour... And later I realized I have a shade that's pretty much similar.

This beauty is the KIKO nail lacquer in shade 330 lilac. Oh, yeah baby! I don't have the Essie polish to give these a proper comparison, but I've had this for about a year now, using it fairly consistently, and I have to tell you - it's great quality. 

And not just for the money you pay. KIKO has established itself in my mind as one of the brands that give the most professional payoff. There are barely any products of theirs that have disappointed me. 

This nail polish falls right into the category of "excellent", with just the right consistency, drying time, and colour payoff. I slapped on two coats of that and you can see that the result is pretty opaque. The colour, a lovely lilac, is incredibly wearable all year round, but for spring especially, and... I just love it!

(I wonder how many superlatives I used in this review alone?)

In terms of longevity, this lasted 3 days without chipping before I took it to training and, yes, there was a lot of lapel grabbing involved. That said, even with a pretty hardcore training in, the chips I got were minimal. So yeah... pretty awesome.

One of these days, I must go to London, and on that day, I will find a way to make a KIKO pilgrimage, because you don't simply order KIKO online (although you can, and you can easily find enough things to afford free shipping,) you need to go in the store and experience it in all of its kaleidoscopic beauty.

These are pictures of the other shades I have. 297 is a sort of grassy green while 220 is a caramel beige with little sparkles floating around in it. 297 is a nice cheeky colour for spring, although it's a lot runnier than the other two and needs more application. 220, on the other hand, is what I consider my "serious" colour, by which I mean, I could wear it to work even if it gets chipped. Neither are my favourite colours, but they're both great for what they are.

And I somehow managed to make a glowing review seem less glowing. Hmm...

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