mercredi 16 avril 2014

Review: MUA Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Never again.

I'd heard a lot of good things about MUA, and having seen enough swatches of their Heaven and Earth palette, I was willing to set aside my mistrust of deceptively cheap make-up. After all, KIKO is cheap enough to be considered a budget brand, and it's one of my favourite things ever. (On the other hand, there's the Collection, which was disappointing to the n-th degree, but then, that should teach me to buy a budget brand ON SALE. Seriously, what was I thinking.)

But anyway, MUA. I thought it would be a good one. As you might have gleaned, it was not. I should have known - if Superdrug won't even let you swatch it, it's a stinker for sure.

But why settle for just saying. Let me show you!

Do you see that? I sure don't. The top row is all neutral shades which, when swatched, disappear completely and are so same-looking, you could have two and wouldn't change a thing. 

There's improvement on the bottom row: At least there, we can tell the shades apart. Except here, another problem becomes apparent - these are seriously hard to work with.

The formula is cream from what I can tell, and a very hard one at that. Don't even bother trying to use the brush that comes with this (and yes, I was stupid enough to try it,) because in terms of blending, or even application, it is a disaster. It's like trying to work with really, really bad clay, and the end result is less like eye shadow and more like dirt. Seriously unattractive.

At £4.00, I shouldn't be as upset about this as I am, but seriously, this is bad. I think I'm even more pissed off at Superdrug for not letting me return it after I first realized it sucks. I took the "hygiene reasons" excuse, but then, I've seen their in-store discount bin, and let me tell you, I've seen products in much worse condition than what I originally brought this back in (I'd just swatched it at the time.) More to the point - if you can't take a make-up item back once it's been used, maybe you should let customers swatch it in store first. 

Disappointed and annoyed. Keep away from this one.

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