vendredi 18 avril 2014

Review: Original Source Shower Gels

I was in the market for a shower gel, and these were on a 2-for-1 offer. Someone (I'm sorry, I can't find the link now) had raved about Original Source on YouTube, and long story short, I picked those two up. 

Not sure if the scents were the best pick for me - Lavender and Tea Tree was fine and relaxing, but a little too old lady, and these days I'm more in the market for less obtrusive scents. Lime, on the other hand, smelled a little too "sporty" for me (you know, like sports shower gel that's clearly marketed towards manly men who won't be caught dead with a froo-froo scent?) (On that note, I once saw two guys play a game of hot potato with a Honey and Shea scented Original Source. Their convo was in a language I didn't know, but I think I got the gist of it, given how they were handling the bottle.)

Overall, these two did the job fine, although personally I can't say anything more than that. 

What's your favourite Original Source shower gel?

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