jeudi 3 avril 2014

Review: Pupa City Colors Palette

I always hesitate to include brands here that aren't available in the UK, or even ones I can't find with a casual Google search. That said, this is the Internet, so if anyone does know where to buy this from and have been considering it... well, it wouldn't hurt to have the review out. I know I definitely look for those before I buy now.

The Pupa City Colors palette was a gift for my birthday a few years ago, and I must say, I hasn't been getting enough love. Containing a setting powder, three eyeshadows, and three lip glosses, it's very nice for spring as I've been finding. The colours, a white shimmery highlight shade, a pale magenta, and a dark purple, are a welcome break from the neutrals I've been using, and the formula is rather long-lasting, even without primer. 

As far as pigmentation goes, you can probably tell from the picture, it's not too much, so you can do a day look or an evening one without fear of it being too much. I personally like to pair them up with my Lilly Cole eyeliner from the Body Shop, because they're just perfect together. 

The lipglosses, I have to admit, I haven't been a fan of, partly because I didn't used to be really into them, but also because I have to whip out a brush every time I want to use one of them, which is super-inconvenient and also a pain if you're out for a long time and you need touch ups. Unlike the eyeshadows, the glosses wipe off rather easily too, so most days I just don't bother. They do, however, make a nice finish to a lipstick.

The setting powder is another thing which is a pain to use, if you don't have a brush on the go. However, I like using it under and around my eyes to prevent my eyeshadows from slipping and sliding, especially when I do this look from BubzBeauty (I love it, because it allows me to use my kohl eyeliners. It's really the only time when I break them out.) 

All in all, it's quite good, despite the fact that I don't use eyeshadows as much as I would like to. With spring and summer coming around, I hope to make better use of it.

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