samedi 19 avril 2014

Unboxing: Birchbox April beauty box

April Birchbox, and I am BEYOND excited. (Okay, I was beyond excited when I saw the Colour Club nail polish selections up at the beginning of the month, but afterwards, I grew even MORE excited. Enough to abuse Caps Lock, anyway.)

Out of all the beauty boxes I've tried so far, Birchbox has been coming out as the most interesting of the bunch (though SoukSouk might be gaining in) combining just the right amount of hyped up brands and amazing new ones. Also, it's the only one where a sample has led me to purchasing the full-size product (Korres Citrus Body Milk, doncher know?) 

Also, the spoiler for this box was beyond amazing, and I'm so glad with what I got in the end.

First of, the Colour Club nail polish in Acquamarine Azulino (Gala's Gems Collection), which was my pick and which looks absolutely delicious. Think summer skies, think shiny glass bottles, think silver-blue boats in the sea, think all that. It just feels like summer in a bottle.

Next product I was super-excited about was theBalm's How 'Bout Them Apples lip and cheek palette sample. I got Pie, which is a deep red-pink colour (and has a sexy dude in a cowboy hat next to it, in case  anyone's interested) and which was quite lovely to dot on my cheeks later that day. It gave me quite a rosy glow, though at first it was a little overwhelming. It hasn't lessened my interest for theBalm's products, that's for sure.

I got a Campos de Ibiza hydrating milk in Almond, which, unlike the Korres one last month, feels like real body milk, in that it is incredibly runny. It smells absolutely delicious, and it's something that would make a delightful gift. I'm not sure I'd buy it for myself, but it's great nonetheless. (*Then immediately checks it out on the Birchbox website.*)

The Yes to Cucumbers facial towelettes are another thing I love. I know facial wipes are something of a controversial topic, but I love to have them in my bag, especially after training. It may not be great on its own, but after two hours of hard work, it makes all the difference.

The Lord and Berry silk-kajal cohl liner is probably the only product I wasn't absolutely stoked for (and is it me, or is that packaging suspiciously similar to that of Bobbi Brown?) just because kajal and I don't really get along. That said, it's a really cute product and I wouldn't mind trying it out to see if it's got better longevity than my other ones.

The lifestyle extra this month was a small bag of Propercorn Coconut and Vanilla popcorn, which was a nice afternoon snack to tide me until dinner. It was nice. (Small aside: Is it me, or is it just weird how all these companies are coming up with "healthy" or "proper" alternatives to popcorn? Compared to all the other snack foods available, popcorn is pretty healthy on its own, and if you pop it yourself, you can make sure everything that goes in is per your liking.)

So, April Birchbox, absolutely divine! I can't wait to truly test out all the wonderful products I got and tell you all about them. 

If you're interested in trying it, but are hesitant about the price, head over to Tattooed Tealady, where you can find the code for a free Birchbox. (I couldn't use it on account of me having signed through the previous offer she gave us, which was 50% off. Eh, c'est la vie.) Having tried three different beauty box services so far, I'd say this one definitely comes out on top. 

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