vendredi 23 mai 2014

Beauty Products I Don't Get #2: Potted Lip Balm

The advent of the push-up and screw-up lipstick must have been a joyous one indeed, for women all over the world. No more messing around with fingers or brushes, no more worry that the stuff would spill out or that one wouldn't have anywhere to wipe their hands on once they're done. Truly marvelous.

If you're like me, and you can't stand to have your lips dry, you probably carry balm in your handbag, or, better yet, your pocket. There is always one lying on the desk, two just for variety. You can reach out and apply it absent-mindedly as you work away, enjoying the scent (if there is one) and the feel of perfectly hydrated lips. 

That is, unless your balm is in a pot, in which case there is a whole lotta silly business with unscrewing the cap, dipping your finger, swiping it across your lips, then wiping the excess on the back of your hand or on your jeans. 

It's not only inconvenient to have on the go, but also unhygienic. Be honest here - how many of you wash your hands before you apply your lip balm? How many of you will wash up with the EXPRESS purpose of dipping your finger in a little pot of beeswax in order to keep your lips from cracking? If you do, you're a stronger person than I am. I myself put the pot straight to my mouth and hope for the best.

You're probably shaking your head at my neurosis, but take a moment to examine the keyboard in front of you. When's the last time you cleaned your gadgets? Can you even remember? We wash out hands every time we go to the loo, but we don't take a moment to consider how many germs accumulate on every other gadget in the house, (especially if you have a tendency to apply your make-up while watching videos, or eat while you watch videos.)

Bleurgh. If you ask me, the only reason why they sell potted balm these days is for the vintage or homemade factor. Think about the brands that package their balms in pots - Lush, Vaseline, Sweet Cecily's, The Body Shop, Nivea, The Bakewell Soap Company, Rosebud, Rose & Co., even Soap and Glory - and tell me they don't have a similar marketing theme going for them, to various extents.  

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