samedi 10 mai 2014

London Photo Diary

Getting ready to head out.

The hotel had a restaurant named Virginia Woolf's... pity we didn't eat there.

Muji store right next to Boots... well played, managers. Well played.

The Photographers' Gallery - the  result of my veering off the marked route. And so glad I did.

This is the part where I went Hallelujah... until I went in and had a colour overload. 

St. James' Park. Because why not.

Show off.

There were so many tourists on that spot, I'd be surprised if this view isn't on a postcard.

Persephone publishers... I need to give them a look later.

My favourite part about London - 5 story bookstores.

Victoria's secret: Fabulous scents, lingerie, and window displays, but by far the most fascinating thing was the crowd of disgrunted husbands and boyfriends hanging outside on the curb. Goes to show...

Staples of a good shopping day.

Glorious sunset.

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