mardi 6 mai 2014

Paperchase Haul

"I've never had to do a report like this and I don't really know where to begin. Maddie gave me this beautiful leather-bound notebook to draft it in; she thinks it helps to have nice paper, and knew I wouldn't buy any for myself since like everything else it's so scarce. She says you need to bribe yourself because it's always blah writing up accident reports."

- Elizabeth Wein, "Rose Under Fire", p. 1 (?) Kindle Edition

I've written about journals and morning pages before, but I never thought I'd blog about buying an organizer. Just goes to show, I guess. Usually I get a notebook to scribble in at the beginning of the school year, but those get disorganized really quickly, and I can never find what I need later. 

Also, I'm painfully disorganized without some kind of punctual landmarks, like classes and training, to highlight my day and structure activity around. Clearly not good practice, so I'm bribing myself.

I really love these items - I got most of them at the sales at Paperchase, and they're from the Secret Garden collection. Matching journal and organizer might seem a bit daft, especially since I'll fill up one faster than the other, but I like this little bit of symmetry. Paperchase has a lot of quality products overall and I'm not ashamed to say, I browse their website often. 

Because let's face it - we all need to bribe ourselves sometimes.

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