mardi 27 mai 2014

Review: Balm Balm cleansing balm

My first dabble into cleansing balms was with Along Came Betty, Tesco's version of Diry Works / Soap and Glory. And honestly, I wasn't that impressed with it. (That was before I knew cleansing balms could be used to take make-up off.) My experience was so disappointing, I ended up ignoring the Liz Earle counter at Boots, and probably would have indefinitely, had I not gotten it in my May Birchbox.

But this review isn't about Liz Earle. It's about Balm Balm, a 100% organic skincare brand, whose Rose Geranium multi-purpose balm I'm loving. 

In the tube, this is fairly hard in consistency, almost like beeswax, but when melted between your fingers, it turns into an oil that breaks down make-up like whoa! I admit, I was initially weary of using any kind of oil on my face, but this one worked quite well and left my skin feeling super-soft and clean. It also smells delicious, which is not too bad (and for those of you who prefer unscented products, fear not - there's quite a range of balms available at Feelunique, and I think there is one for every taste.) 

This tube is only 30 ml, but given that you only need a pea-sized amount, I reckon it can last a while. I use a muslin cloth to wipe it off, though a flannel might do, or you could just rinse with your hands like you would any cleanser. (Actually, that's my only beef with cleansing balms and muslin cloths - they're not very hygienic, and it's quite a lot of fuss to launder the cloths every time you use them. What if it doesn't dry until you need them? And what does that leave you on days when you're just too tired to go through the process?)

But overall, it's good, and for lovers of organic skincare, this is quite a good brand to try. Available from Feelunique for £6.99.

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