lundi 26 mai 2014

Review: Kris D'Amour samples

I got these samples in my April SoukSouk green beauty box, which in turn I won at Sophia's giveaway over at Tattooed Tealady.

Facial and body oils aren't really something I understand. I mean, I like using them, but since I'm oily-skinned and usually running off to some place or another, I prefer lightweight creams to really heavy butters or oils. The soothing facial treatment oil and the soothing body oil are really nice products in on their own - I didn't notice them making my skin any worse, and they seemed to do well for a night-time treat. They have a strong herbal scent, which I personally liked, but perhaps some of you do not.

The stand out for me was the soothing body treatment butter which I mentioned in my April favourites as a miracle-worker in terms of healing the blisters I got from running. Once on the skin, it turns into an oil which sinks in relatively quickly and, like the other two products, has a very nice scent.

Kris d'Amour is a 100% natural brand, which should be right up the alley for those of you looking for organic and sustainable. They are quite pricey, though - 100 g of the body butter is £20 on the website. However, you have the option of requesting samples directly - simply go to the product that interests you and select that option. They have quite a large range of products, and I noticed some of them are unscented.

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