jeudi 1 mai 2014

Review: Organic Trevarno moisturiser

Another product I got from my Briz Blog Meet goodie bag, and this is admittedly one of the most generous ones I got. The Organic Trevano Rose and Jojoba moisturiser is advertised as good for all skin types, and it actually took me a little while to get used to it. The smell reminded me first of a Lush moisturiser I hadn't particularly liked, (unsurprisingly, it has sesame oil in the ingredients), but then I also started to smell the rose water, which was infinitely more pleasing.

In terms of consistency, this really works for everyone, though I feel people with dry to normal skin would get the best use of it. On me, it makes a fantastic night cream, sinks in like a dream and leaves me looking quite refreshed in the morning (no oily residue here, thank you verrrrry much!) Best of all, it has not broken me out, which puts it in a very small minority.

A 15 ml sample, this has lasted me for well over a month, and it still has a lot to go, so I'd say it's not bad at all. It's available in 30 and 60 ml jars on the Organic Trevarno website, at £14.50 and £21.00 respectively; but also as part of starter kits which go at £15.00 and are, arguably, the best way to try the brand for yourselves. I must admit, despite the love I have for this moisturiser, the fact that it's not directed towards my skin type and the price are putting me off from repurchasing it, but for someone with normal or dry or mature skin, it's definitely worth a try.

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