mercredi 21 mai 2014

Short vs Long Hair

When I was little, I was so jealous of girls with long hair, it was embarrassing. I wanted the thick, long, luscious locks everyone but me seemed to have, enough to spend quite a few years growing my hair out. 

Then, as time went by, I started shortening it. And shortening it. And shortening it. I went from having short hair as a kid, to having hair almost down to my waist as a preteen, to mid-back, to shoulder-length, to chin-length, all the way to the near-bowl cut I'm sporting these days. These things, they go in circles.

Much of my decision to get short hair again have been a point of practicality, really - I find that it looks a lot more tidy, it's quick to wash and condition, and if I botch up a home dye too badly, I don't worry - within a couple of months, it could be gone. Granted, it means going to the hairdresser's a lot more often, but hey, so it goes! It has also proven to be fairly useful in martial arts, where hair grabs and tackles are the norm, and it's easier to do the groundwork if you're not worried your ponytail will get caught up somewhere. (To quote Emily from Incurably Curious: If you look good during a workout, you're not doing it right.)

More to the point, I just like how I look with short hair. I like how it compliments my face. I like how easy it is to comb and style - hell, some mornings, I don't bother with either, I just smooth my mop up and leave. (I know, I know, bad beauty blogger. At least I condition more often now.) I like how I can theoretically get away with every sort of earring - studs, feathers, chandeliers, hoops - and how throwing on a crown can automatically make me look like an Elfish princess. (Okay, not REALLY, but I can totes pretend.)

I do miss having long hair sometimes. It does come with a lot more styling options. No more elastic bands or chopsticks for me, no more elaborate braids and curls. I haven't branched out into styling products lately, but I'm rather uncertain where to start with them. Can you curl short hair? Do I buy the bigger sized rollers, or the small ones? I don't know. 

Of course, short or long hair, it depends on the rest of your body what you do with it. I'm pretty happy with my short hair now, but who knows - maybe one day, I'll start the process of growing it out again.

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