mercredi 4 juin 2014

Minis Review: Benefit They're Real and Stay Don't Stray

Birchbox is really good in that it allows me to try high-end brands without having to commit to a full-sized (and full-priced) products. I k some things are cult for a reason, just like I know that sometimes cult status discourages us from openly criticising something which we don't particularly like. 

Well, what did I think of those minis then?

Both primer/concealer and mascara are really, really good. I like using Stay Don't Stray as an undereye concealer, and it did magic on a day when I had to run around all the time and had no chance for touch-ups. Same for the mascara, which does, indeed, lengthen my lashes incredibly well.

But the question (as with all samples) remains: Would I purchase full-size?

The answer is no.

Because believe it or not, I'm actually at a point where I'm happy with my face with just a touch of concealer or powder foundation, and I wear glasses 99% of the time, so big lashes are kinda lost on me. I'm not saying they're bad products - I'm saying they're not really worth the price for me.

But if they are for you, Benefit products are available at John Lewis, Debenhams, Boots, their official website, and most recently, Birchbox.

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