lundi 2 juin 2014

Review: Beauty Protector protect shampoo and conditioner

Last month we had the absolute pleasure of our shower getting wonky, and our landlord refused to fix it because, sod's luck, it actually behaved when he came to take a look at it. Not exactly uncommon for student houses, I understand, but still really frustrating, especially during exam period. I ended up going to the pool a lot, and I took these two samples along with me. Birchbox must have a psychic on their team because they were exactly what I needed.

I like the packaging, not because of the bottle itself, but because of the cap, which you need to press on to open and get to the product. Fussy for regular showers, but essential for a travel-sized item like that. Spillage managed and minimised, thank you!

The products themselves smell quite nice, and I got quite a few good uses out of them. I'm not really 100% sold on their effects, though. I guess I prefer my Herbal Essences and my Organic Surge for the pay-off I get. Especially when the Beauty Protector stuff is £14.00 a pop.

Available from the Birchbox website

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