lundi 7 juillet 2014

In pursuit of self-improvement

It may not be a truth universally acknowledged, but in my experience, growth doesn't happen without you realizing there is some growing you have to do to begin with.

Over three months ago, I finished Julia Cameron's excellent "The Artist's Way", which was part writing manual, part life-lessons, part essay collection to help recovering creatives get out of a slump. And by recovering creative, I mean all recovering creatives. Writers. Journalists. Musicians. People with blogs. There was a little bit in there for everyone. I finished it, and, I suspect like all people who finish a particularly inspirational course, set out thinking that it's all uphill for now, baby!

Guess what happened?

I fell into another slump.

I'm easy to fall into a routine. I'm also easy to distract. And sometimes it's easier to let yourself go through the paces and do something automatically, produce things by the bulk rather than stop to think how something can be improved. Sure, it's a model that lasts you longer - the sheer effort of coming up with new content every day can be soul-destroying, if you don't handle it nicely - but the Taylorist blogger isn't immune to burnout either. Case in point - in June, I barely posted anything because seriously, what was the point?

I'd like to post more regularly now, but I'd like to do so more mindfully, and with a better purpose. So, darling readers, tell me what you'd like to see more of?

1) FOTD / Product demos?
2) Lifestyle posts (think things like coping at your first job, first time at Uni, etc, etc, etc.)?
3) Tags?
4) Music and books in addition to the beauty stuff?
5) Etc.

Fun fact: most of these are posts I would have liked to do, at one point or another, but always stopped myself because, really, other people are doing it a lot better than me. So why bother?

Well, you have to bother to make something interesting. And I'm gonna bother now. (Even if this blog is bound to turn into a compilation of awkward selfies.)

What do you think? What would you like to see?

And, more to the point, what are the kinds of posts you would write, if you thought it was worth the effort? (Spoiler alert: they are all worth the effort. All of them.)

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