dimanche 12 juillet 2015

Better than Essie?

Left to right: Euphoria, Fancy a Dip?, Rose Libertine, Keep Calm and Play, Instyle Coral

I'm a sad, sad excuse for a beauty blogger. Not only am I rubbish at keeping up with the Essie collections, the ones that I do have are minis I'd ordered online, and that one angry late night purchase after I'd had a fight with my brother. (Totally don't regret it, though. Lovely colour.) I do go to the Essie counter at Boots and ooh and aah over all the pretty colours, and ooh and aah some more when some of my favourite bloggers post about the new collections, but every time I find something I like, I can't bring myself to take it all the way to the till. I just can't. I keep thinking I could buy a book with this money, and these days I buy my books from charity shops! 

To me, nail polish is one of those products that it just makes no sense to buy a high-end version, because I never use one up. Ever. So you may imagine how excited I was to find out that, not only do Rimmel do fantastic nail polishes, but I can almost always find Essie dupe colours there. (At least for the ones I like.)

The colours I have are:

Euphoria, a rose with lots of silver shimmer. It started me on the whole dupe thing, because when I saw it, I thought it was exactly like Essie's Buy Me a Cameo, which I'd been lusting after for months.

Fancy a Dip? which I got because of Fleur de Force, and because I love periwinkle blue colours.

Rose Libertine, which was on sale in my local Sainsbury's, and is the colour I wear when I wanna feel more girly. It's a sort of creamy rose, the kind you wear on a girl's day out, or when you meet your significant other's grandma for tea.

Keep Calm and Play, because seriously? That name! Also, I was training for my green belt and wanted something to pump me up. Too dark to be a dupe for Mint Candy Apple, but from looking at online pictures, I'd say it's a great one for First Timer. The kind of sea foam green that you'd imagine mermaids wearing.

Instyle Coral is the newest one I got and I did because I was dying for a Tart Deco-esque colour, but, again, couldn't justify it. It's a lovely coral shade, more orange than Rose Libertine, but muted down and very wearable. 

As far as quality goes, I don't think any of Rimmel's offerings are worse than Essie's. The ones I have last well on me, even with all the typing/carrying/swimming/piano playing that I do. So, if you're not ready to fork out £7.99 on a nail polish (or pay your friend to get you cheap ones from Singapore) I really recommend trying these out. You may be very surprised.

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