samedi 18 juillet 2015

Fierce Favourite Bloggers

I'm not really one to get all mushy-gushy over things (that may be a problem if you really fancy someone, though,) but I'd like to take a moment today to give some love to some of my favourite, fiercest bloggers that I've come across since I got into beauty blogging (erm... three years ago. Yelp!) 

I've been meaning to write this post for weeks now, but today, I was on a bit of a clean up mood, and so I went to my Bloglovin' feed and unfollowed pretty much everyone on my "automatically-read" list. You know what I mean - the ones that are nice and you were really into them at first, but now you can't be bothered with. I also got rid of some on my "sometimes-read" list because they were either on their way to the "automatically-read" list, or I was starting to get alienated by the content there. (I'm not that into fashion and nail art, so why keep feeling like a failure when I can't keep reading everything on my blogroll.)

Of the ones that are left, there are a good number that are simply so fierce, so awesome, I just love reading their posts, and I think you will too.

Amy from Amy Loves: A holistic and well-being blogger, Amy is warm, approachable, and really, really cool. Given the choice between her blog and any other motivation/inspiration/natural living read, I think I'd choose her, and that's not just because I met her at a blogger meetup. I feel like listening to what she has to say, not just because she's a certified beauty practitioner, but also because she's got the kind of life experience that seriously backs up her advice.

Joy from Joy the Baker. Want some serious cooking inspiration in your life? Maybe an excuse to finally use that doughnut baking tray you got on a whim and is now gathering dust at the back of your cupboards? Maybe a major itch to visit New Orleans, or at least bring a little of its magic into your kitchen? Joy's your lady. Honestly, if I wasn't still so messed up about eating, I'd be making every single recipe she posts. As is, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for deals on shrimp

Charlotte from lilmisschickas: I'm not the most diligent reader of her blog, but every time I click on a post, I get quality info and advice. I deeply admire Charlotte because of her honesty and the way she approaches any obstacles that come in her way. I was also ridiculously happy to read her post on lifestyles, diets, and being happy. I've struggled for nearly a year to find something vaguely resembling a balance in my life, in my relationship with food and exercise, and her words gave me hope that one day, I'll come out on the other side, too. So thank you for that.

Katie from Scarphelia: Yeah, major, total, ridiculous girl crush over here. I don't even know if I can express my feelings for this awesome lady coherently, but I will try. Though my life path, my dreams and aspirations, are totally different, I admire her so much for striking out on her own and living her life freely and independently. She's also written so honestly about things that matter deeply to me, most notably about the fact that you don't need to find "your other half" to be happy and fulfilled in life. (There are so, so, so many things that I would say about this topic, but it's a very raw, very vulnerable place, one I don't think I can go to just yet. Luckily for me, Katie said it already, and she said it good.)

Harrie from Style Yourself Vintage. Anyone who calls out Birchbox out on their BS is top quality in my books. Also, she has the most badass style ever. 

Sophia from Tattooed Tealady. One of the first beauty bloggers I followed, way, way, way back when, she's both a make-up and a life philosophy inspiration. She's also one of the people I go to when I want to check out a review of a product I like, because she has a lot of useful info. (I used to be a little scared of Nars, before I started reading her posts.) And her Sunday posts are some of my favourites to read.

Carly from Writing From the Tub. I was a book blogger in a past life, and reading Carlie's blog, I can remember some of the magic that came from that. Also, like her, I aspire to be a writer, and it was a great joy to read her post about why she stopped pursuing an agent for a while. I don't like half-assed work, whether it's a blog or a book or even a tweet. Things that are put together in haste with the intention to catch a quick buck and a few thousand likes, before being promptly forgotten... that is not my thing, and I was glad to hear someone else saying it too. 

There are many, many more ladies (and gents) that I like to follow, but for now, these are my top people to add to your blogroll. 

Who are yours? 

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