samedi 4 juillet 2015

The bleaching from Hell

A couple of months ago, I decided I wanted to dye my hair purple. Seeing as I'd been doing that for 3 years now, I figured that at-home bleaching followed by a pastel purple was cake. 

No. No, no, no, no, no, absolutely not!

I'm more than willing to accept responsibility for my part of the debacle - seeing as I didn't read any reviews, and even with checking out various tutorials on YouTuBe, I still managed to mess things up. But I do think that I would have had better results if the product I'd gotten wasn't so rubbish.

Bleach London's at-home bleach kit promises to lighten the hair up to 7 shades. It also reminds users that if they have long hair, they might need two packs.

Long hair. Exactly how long does that mean? The model on the cover appears to have a mid-length bob, and her locks appear to be quite thick and healthy. My hair? Short, asymmetrical, also thick. And one pack of bleach was not enough.

In the aftermath, I went to the Boots website, and after filtering out all the glowing 5 star reviews found a slew of feedback from women who, like me, had ended up with patchy, uneven blonde hair after assuming that there would be enough product to lighten their bobs properly. Turns out that, unless you had done your research incredibly well, you just have to live with the results.

And the actual results? Let me put it like this: If there was such a thing as Pumpkin Spice Latte chair, that was mine. Garishly orange at places, pale blonde at others, and incredibly brittle, even after a ton of hair masks and specialist treatments. The purple dye took away some of the brassiness, but in no way, shape or form was it bleached enough to look purple.

I can't tell you how disappointing it was. The cherry on top of this cake, however, was when I emailed the company to tell them they need to up the contents of their products, and was notified that if I wanted to take my complaint further, I had to do so with Boots, where I'd purchased the bleach.

So let me get this straight - you are the company who manufactured this, and you're telling me to take my complaints to your distributor?


Needless to say that this has put me off pastel hair, possibly indefinitely.

Oh well. I don't look good as a blonde anyway.

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